Cash Flow

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Cash Flow, Budgeting, & Debt Management
We provide clients with a net worth statement and other evaluations of their current financial condition. We can provide budgeting worksheets and other tools to help educate and motivate clients to stay on track with spending and savings plans. We also can review current and on-going cash flow needs and help implement strategies to target liquidity needs. Analysis of current mortgage and debt levels is available, as is planning to manage debt most efficiently.

Record Keeping & Privacy Protection
We provide record-keeping tools and digital protection information. Our clients are provided with a Personal Document Vault, where they can securely store, view, and share vital information anywhere and anytime they log into their Investor360°® portal.

The very basic Master Directory can serve as an inventory of your financial accounts and contact people. Append additional pages if needed—for example, if you have separate insurance agents for life insurance and property and casualty insurance, or if you have multiple attorneys or bankers.

Note that the Master Directory is designed for users with access to Adobe Acrobat, which enables you to password-protect your document. Using Adobe Acrobat, go to “File > Properties > Security” and check the box marked “Require a password to open this document.” If you are opening Master Directory with Adobe Reader (rather than Acrobat), you’ll need to print out the document and write your answers in the fields provided. You’ll then need to store your document in a safe location, such as a locked file drawer or safe deposit box.

If you keep it up-to-date as the years go by, such a document can serve as an invaluable tool for your loved ones if, for whatever reason, you can’t manage your assets on your own. Another inventory form, called our Family Record Organizer, is also found below.

Complete these inventories, keep them safe, and let a trusted loved one know how to access them. Consider allowing us to keep a completed copy of the Master Directory and/or Family Record Organizer in your Personal Document Vault. Contact us for details about this service. Thank you.

Goal Planning
We are available to help envision and map out lifestyle and lifetime goals and objectives. We can help set retirement goals and develop checklists for pursuing them.