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Welcome to Financial Security Planning Services, Inc.

We started operations in 1992 across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco in Sausalito, California. In 2004, we moved to the more central Marin County location of Corte Madera, California. 

We focus on providing competitive, fee-based wealth management services and investment, retirement, and financial planning work for select individuals, families, and businesses. Being independent and not controlled by or captive to any financial institution sets us apart. So too do our years providing the additional time and effort needed to take the "big-picture" approach that our clients appreciate and that their financial decision making deserves.

In addition, we are a Registered Investment Adviser, which imposes upon us a higher fiduciary duty to act in our clients' best interests. Our services are carefully tailored to each client's needs and objectives. There is thus a legal requirement as well as our own dedication to the principle that our clients should make the most informed financial decisions possible.  

"The ability to invest for return AND make a difference" is increasingly growing in importance.  Investors are no longer just satisfied with portfolio gains, they want to also make sure what they invest in meets their personal beliefs, improves the world around us, or are made into companies and industries that are seen as good actors.  With surveys showing that more than 70% of women, millennials, and high net worth households now considering what they invest in as much as the technicals and fundamentals.  Please contact us to receive your “Guide to Socially Responsible Investing”.

Here are links to tools that help with recording and managing important financial information: 


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